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Flying domestic or international for personal or business, going solo or with a group, you can count on Sterling Travel Group. We are a flying family and know the airline business inside out. When you book your airfare with us, you can be certain that you get the best seat at the best fare with the best service on the ground and in the air.

We know you have a choice in air travel; we look forward to helping you find the flight that is perfect for you. Call us at 239.592.7233

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When is the best time to book a rental car?

As soon as possible.
That’s not a sales pitch, that’s a fact.

Fly drive vacations and business trips require a rental car but taking a chance on walk-up rates gets you the best deal. Doesn’t it?

Holiday weekend or peak travel time, inventory gets booked sooner and rates go up. Is there an option?

Can you get a good deal on a rental car for longer trips or are you stuck paying website rates?

Can a travel agency really get better deal?

At Sterling Travel we know the rental car secrets that can tip the scales in your favor.

Rental rates can actually change several times a day depending on the rental car company and location. Your Sterling Travel Consultant checks rates frequently to re-price your reservation when rates drop to a low point. This provides an opportunity for you to save as rates fluctuate. On longer rentals we diligently check rates a month or two out. We may even re-book your rental multiple times for significant savings.

So what’s the secret sauce?

Our relationships, knowledge and expertise gets you the best deal.