Moses Messed Up!


By Gala Reitz

No Promised Land for Him but it’s there for You

You probably already know the story of Moses and the Promised Land (Numbers 18-20) but in case you forgot, or don’t have a bible handy, here’s the way I see it.Moses messed up!He didn’t follow instructions.Moses, fed up with the Israelites complaining, “hit” the rock instead of “speaking” to the rock for water.I can only imagine what Moses did say when he hit the rock.Surprisingly it still worked.I guess God decided to give the Israelites water anyways and deal with Moses later.

The view of the Promised Land on top of Mount Nebo is nothing short of spectacular.It gave me chills standing there; thinking about Moses and imaging God telling Moses about the land of milk and honey.

Our journey through the desert was far more enjoyable than it was for Moses.As a matter of fact, our cruise up the Nile was more comfortable too.It must have been very difficult to traverse the terrain from Egypt but today cruising up the Nile is a wonderful way to see the land change.

We cruised from Aswan to Luxor onboard the MS Jasmin.Along the way our Egyptologist guided us through the Kom Ombo Temple, the temple of Edfu and through the Esna lock (like the Panama Canal) to Luxor.Crossing the Nile to the West Bank we visited the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut and the Valley of the Kings.I have so much to share with you about all the other places but I think the most awesome sight was sunrise at the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut. Magnificent to say the least.Queen Hatchepsut wasn’t the only female ruler of Egypt but one of the most popular next to Cleopatra.Queen Hatchepsut was a very smart woman.She realized society would never accept her as Pharaoh of Egypt so she took on the persona of a man.Although I think she caved on this issue; I certainly admire her leadership, strength and tenacious attitude.Definitely a woman I can relate to.

Next on to Amman, Jordan.Once built on nine hills today Amman is on seventeen hills.We watched people walk up and down hundreds of steps from their homes to go to the supermarket.Can you picture yourself climbing even a hundred steps carrying your groceries…I can’t!Amman is a busy, crowded big city like any other but leads to the most unbelievable sites you will ever experience.

The drive from Amman to Petra is about three hours.We checked in to the only hotel overlooking the entrance to Petra in the small town of Wadi Mousa (Valley of Moses). I was so excited about visiting Petra but it would have to wait until morning.

People come to Jordan and rave about the food so I had to find out what makes it so special.Between its Bedouin roots and its agriculture, modern Jordanian cooking marries fresh meats with locally grown vegetables and complex flavors of herbs and spices.To experience food firsthand you have to get in there and work with it.What could be better than a cooking class at The Petra Kitchen.“The Petra Kitchen” is the creative imagination of Eid Nawafleh and his fine kitchen staff. On the menu this evening were local favorites; Shourbat Adas (lentil soup), Mensaf (lamb stew), Baba Ganuj (eggplant, green pepper and tomato salad) and Galaya Bandura (a delicious tomato salad with pine nuts).Although Jordan is not known for its wine production, the Jordanian red wine was superb.An evening of great food, good wine and new friends made cooking class so much fun.

The Indiana Jones theme song was playing in my head and came out my mouth as we rode our horse drawn carriage through the narrow gorge leading to the Treasury at Petra.Wow!You’ve got to see it to believe it.

Words can hardly do justice to the true splendor that is Petra.This remote city now totally uninhabited is one of the great treasures of the world next to the Dead Sea.These are the most important famous attractions of Jordan.

I count myself fortunate to have walked among the massive multicolored sandstone mountains and floated in the concentrated salt water of the Dead Sea.I hope you will join us on our next voyage to the Promised Land.

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