29 Reasons Why you Should Visit Iceland this Spring

Spring has arrived in IcelandCREDIT: GETTY Telegraph Travel25 April 2018 • 11:00am Iceland is most often seen as a winter (think Northern Lights and blankets of white) destination or summer (endless days and al fresco dining) adventure, but there's a... Read more

Moses Messed Up!

about Egypt

By Gala Reitz No Promised Land for Him but it’s there for You You probably already know the story of Moses and the Promised Land (Numbers 18-20) but in case you forgot, or don’t have a bible handy, here’s the... Read more

Dress Etiquette Egypt & Jordan

Egypt and Jordan are generally considered conservative regions of Africa/The Middle East and dress etiquette is a must.While both countries are accustomed to tourism, the casual, less is more, attitude of most American travelers is considered vulgar and insulting. Coverage... Read more

Egypt Tour Leads to the Promised Land

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I don’t know about you but I have a hard time wrapping my mind around something 5000 years old.It’s hard to imagine that these things were around way before Christ.Yet today stands The Great Pyramid of Giza, the Sphinx, the... Read more

Crucial Safety Tips

Crucial Safety tips to follow on your family cruiseEasy Tips that may save your life on your next vacation! Despite the recent cruise ship issues we have heard in the news, cruise travel is still a safe and delightful adventure... Read more


about Barcelona, Spain

A DAY IN BARCELONABy:Gala Reitz American Airlines has scheduled daily non-stop service between JFK and Barcelona.However it doesn’t always have 2 Captains like our Flight 152.Our Boeing 767 lifted off from JFK at 7:00 p.m. commanded by Captain Doug Reitz... Read more