Experience you will receive is nothing less than PLATINUM!!

By Katy Martinez · Agent Gala J. Reitz

The name of the company is Sterling Travel….but the value and experience you will receive is nothing less than PLATINUM!! We experienced our first vacation with Gala and Capt. Doug this past week on the Disney Backstage Magic Tour and VIP Experience, and let me tell you – this is one vacation we will NEVER forget! It was our 4th Wedding Anniversary, but that was not necessarily the reason we went on the vacation – we really were so interested to see what goes on behind the scenes at the “Happiest Place on Earth,” but when Gala called to confirm our reservation, I nonchalantly mentioned that we were really excited and we thought it was going to be so cool because on the day of the fireworks at Epcot it was going to be our anniversary and what a cool way to spend it. Well, Gala took this bit of information and made an unforgettable experience for us – from the moment we arrived at our destination we were greeted with “Happy 4 Year Anniversary!” and at the hotel Mickey & Minnie had sent us a personal message on our phone singing to us and wishing us a great time! We were shocked and weren’t expecting ANYTHING like this! We then went to the pool for a while and when we came back there was a special bag & card from Sterling Travel wishing us a wonderful trip with two bottles of champagne, chocolates and a beautiful notepad for our adventure! In the evening we were whisked away to a private section of Epcot to eat a wonderful dinner from a premier “front and center” roped off VIP section and view the Epcot “Illuminations” parade. We felt like movie stars! Other Epcot guests were wondering why we were so special! Then, to top off the anniversary fun a special cake custom made for us was brought out with a Disney prince and princess on it with “Happy 4th Wedding Anniversary Mr. & Mrs. Martinez” and we were AGAIN congratulated on our 4 years married – it was like everyone knew it was our special day and were so happy and excited for us! We finished that evening by watching one of the most spectacular displays of fireworks I have ever seen! It was truly amazing! The following day we got to go “behind the scenes” at ALL FOUR of Disney’s parks and learn about Walt Disney, the history of the parks and how they were created, and also see where the magic happens and how it’s all brought to life! A once-in-a-lifetime experience we will never forget! Aside from learning everything we could ever want to know about Disney, we also were treated to a wonderful lunch at the Wilderness Lodge Whispering Canyon Café and dinner at Tusker House in Animal Kingdom. They also brought two photographers on the trip that captured all of the wonderful moments of the trip so that we didn’t even need to worry about getting photos or missing anything! There is no way I could ever completely describe the experience we had – it was more than magical – it was everything you could ever dream of in a vacation – Gala and Capt. Doug were ALWAYS there for whatever we needed – transportation & connections were always on time and on schedule, we were NEVER hungry or thirsty or tired or bored! Everything was completely planned out to perfection and we are so happy to call Sterling Travel our home for vacation needs. If you have never experienced a vacation with Sterling Travel, you have never taken a real vacation. Gala & Capt. Doug have decades of experience in the travel business and are not in this just to make a few dollars, they truly care about you and your family and want to create an experience that will last for a lifetime. They can be as elaborate as you wish or as simple as you wish - you don’t need to go to another country or an exotic destination to enjoy the VIP Sterling experience – you can go on vacation with a clear mind knowing that you are in impeccable hands and NOTHING will be forgotten – if anything, MORE will be done than you can ever ask for, from the smallest to largest detail! We stand behind Gala & Capt. Doug 100%, and we urge anyone who has not become a member of Sterling Travel and had the chance to experience one of these spectacular experiences to do so – you will NOT be sorry! We want to thank Gala, Capt. Doug & Sterling Travel for the most wonderful anniversary we could have ever imagined and look forward to planning our vacations through Sterling in the future!

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