Thank you for an experience that we will remember for a lifetime.

By Danielli and Jeremy · Agent Gala J. Reitz

Thank you for an experience that we will remember for a lifetime. If this was an amuse-bouche of the offerings of Sterling Travel Group, I cannot imagine an entrée! Every aspect of the experience was spectacular. Throughout the experience I watched as individual requests for comfort were made by our group. It seemed like nothing was beyond your reach. Whether it was accommodating a dietary need (at any restaurant!), providing warmth, or making sure that those with special needs were able to see everything in comfort and style, you made it happen. It is clear that your experience with both personal and professional travel set you apart from others in your field.

The VIP Backstage Tour at Disney would have been a magical experience on its own but was exceedingly enhanced by Sterling Travel Group. The luxury coach ride was fun, comfortable, and convenient. I felt like a rock star as I sipped my mimosa! The welcome package that greeted us at the hotel was thoughtful and beautifully presented. At dinner, just when we thought nothing could top the once in a lifetime viewing of Epcot’s fireworks, you made it even more special by recognizing and celebrating an anniversary within the group. The couple was moved to tears and giddy with joy. Attention to detail and the element of surprise were evident throughout the next day as we moved effortlessly through our tour. Your spirit and energy was contagious!

I could go on and on…but, I’ll save some accolades for the next trip! Thank you for the gift of a trial membership! I look forward to learning more about you and what you do.

Many, many thanks!

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